Core Values


Our ability to remain independent and free from outside influences allows us to help our customers to the fullest.

Customer Satisfaction

We listen your concerns and help you to fully solve your problems. Your happiness is our business goal.

Customer Centric

Our mission is to steer companies away from packaged problem solvers and move towards customized, user-centric solutions.

Contribution to Society

We lead the way to help not only ourselves but also the society. Improving society and spreading love is one of our important missions.

Our Group

Our Clients

NEC Corporation
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation
Rakuten, Inc.
Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd.
IIJ Engineering Inc.
Asgent, Inc.
Soliton Systems K.K.
LAC Co., Ltd.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Nippon NCR Business Solution Co., Ltd.
Nippon Systemware Co., Ltd.

Maeda Akira

20,000,000 Yen

432 people (August 2016)

〒101- 0025
Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku
3-38-8 Kanda-sakumachou
Azuma Building 3F

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